Serving Orange County in Southern CA.

for over 85 years.

Announcements: Last updated: October 3, 2022

    • We are back meeting at the Red Cross - Santa Ana.
    • The October meeting will be the CLUB AUCTION.
    • Meeting doors will open an hour early at 6:00 PM for FREE registration and viewing of sale items.
    • This will be an in-person meeting. There will not be any Zoom coverage.
    • Click here for auction rules
    • Breakfasts are currently canceled, but Board meetings are now hybrid meetings being held in person at the QTH of W6ETC and over Zoom©.
    • For Sale: TS590SG
    • The October 1st Private Club Roster is now online. It is linked from our public Member Roster (Public) page. Members only - Password required.

Current Presentation: W6ZE - Field Day 2022

Julian Frost - N3JF of HRO produced this short Field Day video of W6ZE.

About O.C.A.R.C:

Located in the heart of Southern California, The Orange County Amateur Radio Club (OCARC) is dedicated to the advancement of "Ham Radio". Founded in 1933, the OCARC is a "general-purpose" club for anyone interested in ham radio. We have members of the OCARC active in the these aspects of ham radio:

  • Emergency communications (RACES and ARES)
  • DX-ing (long distance communications)
  • Field Day participation. The next:
  • Home-brewing (building your equipment and antennas)
  • Community service
  • Digital Amateur Television (Digital-ATV, DATV)
  • HF/VHF/UHF/Microwave communications
  • Repeater communications
  • Satellite communications
  • PSK31, JT-65 and FT8 communications
  • Digital voice communications (D-STAR, WinDRM, etc.)
  • PACKET radio and APRS
  • Just talking to other HAMs

…and more.

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