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This year the OCARC again held Field Day on the school grounds of Walter Knott Education Center in Buena Park. The FD site was just to the West of the Knott's Berry Farm theme park and on the South-side of La Palma Ave.

Courtesy of Google Map

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OCARC Field Day events do not "just happen"...they take planning. Here is one of our Field Day planning meetings to sort out operators, equipment and logistics.

Photo by Gloria-KE6GLG

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OCARC Field Day planning continues, here is the drawing that was prepared for the location of antennas and logistics on power-distribution cabling.

Drawing by Bob-AA6PW

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The OCARC Field Day Banner clearly marks the driveway entance at the school district property to reach the FD site.

Photo by Bob-AF6C

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The 20M PH 3-ele Force-12 beam sits here fully-assembled on Thursday evening, ready for the tower-raising efforts planned for Friday morning.

Photo by Ron-W6FPS

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Resting on the ground are several of the VHF/UHF antennas that were assembled Thursday evening.

Photo by Ken-W6HHC

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A team of club members swarm to assemble the 20M CW antenna on a military-mast base.  CW co-captain Bob AA6PW is on the far left and CW co-captain Arnie N6HC is in the center with a white hat.

Photo by Paul-WA6LJV

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Later on Thursday evening, both the 20M CW antenna is finished (in background on the left) and the multi-band antenna to be used on 15M/10M CW is finished (in foreground)

Photo by Ken-W6HHC

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The 20M PH beam antenna was pushed up to 30-ft on military masts as the set-up team secures the tower.

Photo by Ron-W6FPS

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The next tower to be set-up was for a 15M PH Moxon beam. Kris K6KJC is on the ladder and stabilizing the tower as a new section of military mast is fed into the "rocket launcher" base designed for the stacking-masts by Chip K7JA.

Photo by Ron-W6FPS

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Plenty of club members were available to help tilt-up the club 50-ft aluminum tower that holds the 2-element inverted-Vee beam for 40M PH.

Photo by Ron-W6FPS

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Chip K7JA (on adder) is putting finishing touches to getting the satellite antenna set-up on Friday.

Photo by Ken-W6HHC

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As the towers went up (mostly military push-up masts) they created a "spider-web" of yellow guy ropes.

Photo by Fried-WA6WZO

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As the sun goes down on Friday (tower-set-up day), the "pirate flag" flys high over a stack of 440 MHz and 144 MHz beams.

Photo by Chip-K7JA

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After a hard Friday afternoon of set-up, the crew help themselves  to a steak dinner. The tri-tip steak slices and bread-sticks, salad, etc were catered by the StoneFire Grill again this year.

Photo by Bob-AF6C

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A shady picnic table feels like good place to rest and enjoy the dinner after a hot afternoon of set-up. Here at the nearest table (R-L) Dan KI6X, Gene KJ6OML, Rusty AF6WF (sister of June AG6UG), and Dick K6RAL.

Photo by Ken-W6HHC

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