General Info: Serving Orange County in Southern CA.
for over 85 years.
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Announcements: Last updated: July 25, 2020

  • The August 1st board meeting will be held by ZOOM teleconference at 8:30 AM that morning.
  • August 7th through 9th is the QSO Today Virtual Ham Expo. See Upcoming Events link to left for free registration information.
  • The August 21st meeting will feature Doug Millar - K6JEY. He will be demonstrating from his home workbench test equipment for the ham radio operator.
  • The August 21st meeting will be held online via ZOOM at 7 PM (0200Z: day + 1). Members (and those on our mailing list) will receive an email with the Zoom Meeting ID and password shortly before the meeting. If you are not on the list send an email the day of the meeting after 9:00 a.m. and it will auto-respond with the information. (This email address is not monitored!)
  • During the pandemic two nets have been added. Our 2-meter nets now are run on Monday, Wednesday and Friday nights (8:30 PM, 146.55 MHz FM simplex). Join us.
  • The special ARRL Field Day with COVID-19 Rules was a success for OCARC. OCARC members aggregated over 11,000 points excluding bonus points. See July RF Newsletter for details.

About O.C.A.R.C:

Located in the heart of Southern California, The Orange County Amateur Radio Club (OCARC) is dedicated to the advancement of "Ham Radio". Founded in 1933, the OCARC is a "general-purpose" club for anyone interested in ham radio. We have members of the OCARC active in the these aspects of ham radio:

  • Emergency communications (RACES and ARES)
  • DX-ing (long distance communications)
  • Field Day participation.
  • Home-brewing (building your equipment and antennas)
  • Community service
  • Digital Amateur Television (Digital-ATV, DATV)
  • HF/VHF/UHF/Microwave communications
  • Repeater communications
  • Satellite communications
  • PSK31, JT-65 and FT8 communications
  • Digital voice communications (D-STAR, WinDRM, etc.)
  • PACKET radio and APRS
  • Just talking to other HAMs

...and more

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ARRLThe Orange County Amateur Radio Club; an A.R.R.L. affiliated club since 1934.

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